Line Card

AED Inc is not a franchised distributor and does not pretend to be one.

AED Inc is a responsible and dedicated distributor of all electronic components and peripherals.  With 13 industry proven component search engines that sweep all domestic and international hubs of electronic component inventories, AED Inc is able to locate most hard-to-find components for its customers.  

Every month, using a number of different resources, AED Inc downloads or updates over 16 million line items of domestic and international OEM excess inventory every month.  

Visit AED Inc,’s web based platform for excess inventory management

Savings Opportunities

AED Electronics provides dollar cost spot buy savings opportunities and will advise on all options available to you for any given line item RFQ.

Customer Support & Strategy

AED provides reliable and detailed quotes for most devices as well as detailed strategies for your excess inventory problems.

Competitive Pricing

At AED Electronics, we strive to provide reliable, detailed quotes for your needs at competitive pricing. AED Inc looks to earn your trust through reliable and competitive services.