Excess Inventory Solutions

If you have excess inventory you need to sell, AED Inc can help. AED Inc provides a number of solutions for eliminating unwanted, under utlized inventory.

When it comes to excess inventory, our goal at AED Inc is to provide a long term, satisfactory solution for your annual excess inventory problems.

Please visit AED Incs Online web based Portal that provides the Consignor with 100% transparency and Inventory Control over the Customer Owned Property

Visit AED Inc,’s web based platform for excess inventory management

Savings Opportunities

AED Electronics provides dollar cost spot buy savings opportunities and will advise on all options available to you for any given line item RFQ.

Customer Support & Strategy

AED provides reliable and detailed quotes for most devices as well as detailed strategies for your excess inventory problems.

Competitive Pricing

At AED Electronics, we strive to provide reliable, detailed quotes for your needs at competitive pricing. AED Inc looks to earn your trust through reliable and competitive services.